Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster

The front door at Bryn Mawr

Local Coffee Roaster in Albuquerque

Michael Thomas Coffee Roaster has two beautiful locations in Albuquerque and they have been in business for over 10 years. One is located at 1111 Carlisle Blvd SE, and the other is in the University area, at 202 Bryn Mawr SE. Both locations have patio seating as well as eclectic indoor areas. Michael Thomas prides themselves on their profile roasting method. This method involves pulling different samples of roasted coffee every 30 seconds from the roasting beans to prepare them for the process of “cupping“, a popular technique for determining the roast’s best flavor and aroma.

Michael Thomas has a really great website as well, detailing their roasting method and containing a calendar of local events they host and coffee classes they teach.

Here is a look at the “coffee wall” at the Bryn Mawr location: michael thomas coffee wall

On the day I visited the Bryn Mawr location, I was greeted by the music of Brandi Carlisle, specifically the track “Every Time I Hear That Song.” It is a perfect song for a coffee shop vibe. And if you visit many coffee shops, you are fully aware of what I mean by “coffee shop vibe.” Michael Thomas has the vibe and should be considered a true treasure of Albuquerque’s coffee scene.

caffe latteI ordered a latte, one of my usual drinks when visiting shops (or anytime, really). The espresso for the latte was a blend of “Panama Brazil” and “Indian Monsoon.” The latte was delicious, had a good amount of foam and was all-around a pleasing beverage. When I visited Bryn Mawr, it was evening and they were about to close up shop, so I needed to take photos quickly! Here is another shot from the shop that evening: (Also see the Gallery for more photos) Coffee glassware

Prismatic Coffee

Prismatic Coffee

Prismatic Coffee

My continuing tour of Albuquerque coffee shops is now featuring Prismatic Coffee, located in the Sawmill District north of Old Town. It is a good time to feature Prismatic because in my first post about Humble Coffee Company, I mention Prismatic as their coffee of choice! Coffee from Guatemala

Prismatic has been open in Albuquerque since 2016. They are a “third-wave” coffee shop that also roasts many varieties of coffee from around the world, ethically and expertly sourced. The shop is very bright inside with an industrial feel and a modern layout, with the barista being the focal point of the entire shop. The barista station is open and inviting to allow the customer to experience fully the preparation of their beverage. Prismatic barista station

I was really in a tasting mood so I ordered two of my faves, a latte and an iced espresso. You can see the beauty of the presentation of the two beverages with the arty foam in the latte and the complimentary sparkling water served as a palate cleanser with the iced espresso. prismatic latte

Iced espresso and sparkling water
Iced Espresso and Sparkling Water

For the latte, the “Photonic” blend was used because it pairs nicely with milk. And, for the iced espresso, “El Salvador” was served. According to Prismatic, Photonic has notes of almond butter, cherry chocolate and brown sugar. I sipped mine slowly, but not too slowly because I didn’t want the ice melting too quickly. It was lovely, especially the presence of the almond butter. I really enjoy a nutty brew. The El Salvador latte was enjoyable, too, and was a little more of a high note, tasting of green grapes in addition to chocolate.

Prismatic has indoor and outdoor seating and you can see their roasting equipment while in the shop. This definitely adds to the ambiance and purpose of a serious coffee roasting establishment.

Coffee Roaster

See the “gallery” for more pics of Prismatic, and check them out very soon! They are a gem in the Southwestern coffee roasting scene.

Humble Coffee Company

Albuquerque’s Humble Coffee Company

Humble Coffee Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico boasts two city locations — one on Lomas Blvd in the Nob Hill area and one on Central Ave Downtown. They brew coffee from Albuquerque’s Prismatic Coffee Roasters. Humble’s atmosphere has the perfect coffee shop vibe. This afternoon I visited the Downtown location and found myself wrapped in music by Erykah Badu. The Downtown location is spacious and unique. There is a seating configuration in the back corner that adds a special touch.

Prismatic’s medium roast drip coffee is the choice I made today from Humble’s menu. It is mellow, nutty, and tastes of caramel. It’s very pleasing to a discerning palate! Over the past few years of Humble’s new presence in Albuquerque I have actually visited several times and every trip I make there is enjoyable. It makes the perfect shop with which to begin the “That Coffee Buzz Blog”! I have tried their mocha and their iced coffee among other favorites. It is a solid, well-rounded coffee outlet and I am very glad they are a fixture of Albuquerque’s coffee scene.

See the “Gallery” for additional shots of Humble Coffee’s merchandise and other shots from both locations.